About ECMA


ECMA has a vision: The “ECMA-spirit,” with its approach to music and musicmaking, ought to become a “matter of course” for musicians and audiences alike. By constantly re-evaluating the treasures of our cultural heritage and developing new creative potentials in interpretation based on research into the philosophy and musical language of the 17th and 18th centuries, ECMA seeks to contribute to a society and future that are worth living in.


ECMA was founded in 2004 at the initiative of Hatto Beyerle. It is an association of European music universities, conservatoires and festivals in the field of chamber music that, together, provide ongoing training for chamber music ensembles. Within this program, the partner institutions host regular sessions (lasting one week each; seven or more weeks per year). Renowned tutors work intensively with the ensembles, imparting to them new impulses for their artistic work. The young musicians will receive aditional impulses from lectures and focused workshops on topics including cultural history, historically informed performance, and philosophy. In addition to helping participants explore the importance and impact of cultural knowledge such as rhetoric and Greek verse in order to gain a more profound understanding of European music, ECMA also collaborates with academic partners on research projects in various fields. And of course, ECMA also works to develop new networks by bringing together people from different backgrounds and cultures.

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