Online Audition 2022

Where & When

Deadline Sunday 01 May 2022

Location: World Wide Web

Artistic Directors & Jury

Artistic Director

Hatto Beyerle
Johannes Meissl
Patrick Jüdt


This call for applications addresses young ensembles (above all piano trios and string quartets, but also other formations) that already perform at a professional level. Intensive and continuous in-depth artistic work can only be accomplished by participating as consistently as possible at the available ECMA sessions (7 sessions per academic year). Willingness to regularly attend the sessions scheduled by ECMA is therefore essential in order to be accepted!

In addition to a successful audition, it is necessary to participate in 2 (min.) or 3 (max.) ECMA sessions within a single academic year. This preparatory phase can be completed as guest or as a nominated ensemble either before or after your audition. Only following completion of these two steps will you
receive a definitive decision on admission to ECMA.

aterial to be sent in advance …

… for ensembles that are not yet known by the artistic directors:

1) Link via e-mail amounting to a minimum of two movements or pieces
(one of the movements/pieces slow, the other fast)

… for all ensembles:

2) Application form (download here)
3) Short CVs of the individual ensemble members
4) Short CV of the ensemble
5) A brief description of the ensemble’s development
6) Two letters of reference from well-known tutors

Please send the requested information via e-mail with attached documents to:
Monika Mistlbachner

Contact Information

Thomas Mistlbachner