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As much as possible!

How can we ensure a sustainable and fruitful transnational collaboration despite the pandemic? This was the core question discussed at a Project Management Board Meeting of the ECMA Pro project.

The project comes at a crucial moment, with the pandemic slowing down the professional lives of young chamber musicians almost to a halt. With several digital developments in the pipeline – such as a video platform of tutorials for teaching and learning chamber music and a Career Development Switchboard to connect up-and-coming ensembles with concert promoters and festival organizers – ECMA Pro will support emerging artists in a rapidly changing professional environment.

Right now, ECMA sessions, international coaching sessions for chamber music ensembles lasting several days, are – in spite of everything - taking place in all-online or hybrid settings. As discussed in an ECMA Pro Project Management Board Meeting in early December, digital tools such as the low-latency video streaming system LoLa proof vital for a sustainable and fruitful transnational collaboration, even in times of physical distancing and travel restrictions.

Therefore, an ECMA Pro Working Group focuses on further developing formats and tools, adjusting ECMA sessions and the specific ECMA Pro project deliverables to the exigencies of the pandemic that will stay with us for some time to come:

  • How can we organize hybrid and all-online coaching sessions even better?
  • How can we integrate ensembles not connected to any of the technologically well equipped universities and conservatories?
  • Can we find a way to implement Musethica sessions, bringing high-class concerts to social institutions and unusual audiences such as children with disabilities, refugees or people experiencing homelessness?
  • How can we make possible as much as possible within an impossible situation?

Watch out for answers and ideas in this space!