Online Audition 2024

Where & When


Wednesday 15 May 2024


Link to the online form

Please note that only a very limited number of ensembles will be accepted.

Artistic Directors & Jury

Artistic Director

Johannes Meissl
Patrick Jüdt
Minna Pensola

General Information


This call for applications addresses young ensembles with a minimum of three:

– String quartets
– Piano trios
– String trios
– Piano quartets
– Wind quintets
– Brass quintets
– Saxophone quartets
– Other ensembles with an established original repertoire of sufficient scope.

The ensemble should already perform at a professional level. Intensive and continuous in-depth artistic work can only be accomplished by participating as consistently as possible at the available ECMA sessions (4-5 sessions per academic year). Willingness to regularly attend the sessions scheduled by ECMA is therefore essential in order to be accepted!

If you have participated in any ECMA session, please name the session, including the date and the tutors you worked with.


Required documents:

1) A video with a prepared ensemble program with at least three contrasting pieces or movements in different styles relevant for the ensemble type:
– Viennese Classic
– Romantic until 1950
– Contemporary music from 1950 (excluding Shostakovich)

2) Short CVs of the individual ensemble members
3) Short CV of the ensemble
4) A brief description of the ensemble’s development
5) Two letters of reference from well-known tutors

Please follow this link to the online-application-form.



Contact Information

Mara Földi & Bojana Tesan