Teaching and Learning Manual

The connecting link for all the activities within the project ECMA Next Step is the
European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA), which became a synonym for supporting
the values of chamber music within our short-lived and materialistic society.

This manual is the outcome of the three-year project, consisting of sections which
provide informative facts about the state of chamber music at the participating
higher education institutions as well as teaching and learning-centred methods and
ideas for practical use.

The manual might be misunderstood as something you should use in the same way
as you would use the manual for your car. In the case of the car manual, there is
usually just one way to deal with a problem. This chamber music manual is quite a
different story in that it is more a collection of ideas and strategies which may be
useful in certain situations in chamber music teaching or just serve as tips or
motivation to pursue new paths in student-centred teaching and learning.

As a teacher you have to be fairly flexible in providing strategies and ideas for
motivating the students, stirring their interest in further development, solving
problems and guiding them in improving their skills.

In normal chamber music teaching you use your experience or your instinct as a
teacher to work with the students. You very rarely write down your experiences or
ideas surrounding that process.

This document is an attempt to create a record of such day-to-day experiences in
higher education institutions in a format accessible to a larger audience.
The ECMA website may not only serve as an online database for looking up examples
at some point, but also as an open archive which can be updated at any time
and enriched with teaching methods.

Finally, the bibliography in general contains a collection of selected and mostly
easily accessible texts, partly on the internet, on theory, philosophy or artistic
research in chamber music and music in general.