ECMA Pro Information for Ensembles

ECMA Pro Opportunities for Ensembles

The EU-funded project ECMA Pro - International Career Development and Socially Engaged Outreach in Chamber Music offers additional trainings during ECMA sessions and beyond that will provide ECMA ensembles with skills to better and more autonomously plan and implement their careers.

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Lectures, workshops and coaching sessions during ECMA sessions and online (scroll down for dates):

  • Career Skills Trainings: e.g. business planning, marketing, presentation techniques
  • New Performance Format Trainings: support ensembles to reflect on performance formats and to develop their own specific performance projects

Ensembles are invited to participate in (scroll down for dates):

  • Showcases: presentations to a professional audience (concert promoters, concert and festival organizers)
  • ECMA Musethica sessions: intense performance training with social impact (

Digital platforms
to be developed:

  • ECMA Digital Knowledge Centre of Teaching Chamber Music: video tutorials and further teaching and learning materials on teaching Chamber Music
  • ECMA Career Development Switchboard: promotion platform to connect ensembles & concert promoters and concert and festival organizers
  • ECMA Digital Career Skills Platform: learning material on Career Skills trainings

Travel grants:
Ensembles are invited to apply for travel grants to participate in the individual trainings and sessions. Calls for application will be published for each individual session or activity. Ensembles to receive these travel grants will be selected by a board of experts and ECMA Artistic Directors.

Download detailed information about travel grants.

Dates and places (planned)

Career Skills and New Performance Format Trainings

  • Grafenegg/Vienna 2021
  • Fiesole 2021
  • The Hague 2021
  • Fiesole 2022
  • The Hague 2022
  • Fiesole 2023
  • Grafenegg/Vienna 2024
  • Vilnius 2024


  • Ghent Festival 2021-2024
  • Budapest 2021-2024
  • Vienna/Grafenegg 2022
  • Paris 2022 (tbc)
  • Oslo 2023
  • The Hague 2023

ECMA Musethica Sessions

  • Oslo 2021 [outside regular ECMA session, date tbc]
  • The Hague 2021
  • Vilnius 2022
  • Paris 2022
  • Vienna/Grafenegg 2023
  • Fiesole 2024

Veronika Leiner
Project Management ECMA Pro
University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw)
email: leiner[at]
phone: +43-1-71155-7451



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